Summer Exploration Program

GAGE ResourcesGwinnett Alliance for Gifted Education’s Summer Exploration Program (SEP) provides a wide variety of challenging and enriching classes using 21st century learning strategies for gifted and high achieving students.  Each unit of study combines creativity, leadership, inquiry, critical thinking, and technology. Each lesson is designed to encourage students to discover, explore, and grow.


Monday – Thursday

June 25 – 28, 2018


Morning session:

8:30 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m.

Afternoon session

1:00 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m.



Registration Fee:

GAGE members

$150 per session

Non-GAGE members:

$175 per session

Gifted and Advanced Content Students

Register your child for one or two of the classes listed.  One class per session – either morning or afternoon or both!

Registration deadline is June 15, 2018 so hurry!

Classes According to Grade Levels

Second & Third Grade:

  • All the World’s a Stage
  • Computer Programming
  • Making, Tinkering, Robotics
  • Everyday Chemistry
  • Storytelling
  • Willie Wonka’s Gobstoppers

Fourth & Fifth Grade:

  • Challenge: STEM
  • Computer Programming
  • My Many Talents – Multiple Intelligence to the Max!
  • The Art and Science of Wonder
  • Zoology 101

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grade:

  • Everyday Chemistry
  • Murder in Bikini Bottom
  • My Many Talents – Multiple Intelligence to the Max!
  • Shark Tank
  • 3D Modeling & Animation

Class Descriptions in Alphabetical Order

All the World’s a Stage – Grades 2nd & 3rd (Morning Session)
Calling all actors! Here’s your chance to be the star on the stage! Join us for a fun filled week as we explore dramatic arts from Shakespeare to musical theater. Use your creativity to design masks, scenery, and skits. We’ll sing, dance, and act in a spectacular show for parents and friends at the end of camp.   Instructor: Sherri Kaiser, Gifted Program Teacher


Challenge: STEM – Grades 4th & 5th (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
Join us for lots of fun STEM challenges as you learn how to drop an egg without breaking it, design a blanket, design a parachute, construct an igloo, and MORE! You’ll practice using your critical thinking, problem solving, engineering, and teamwork skills for success. You will learn different science content and build your computer skills.   Instructor: Chris Locke, Gifted Program Teacher


Computer Programming – Grades 2nd – 5th (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
Do you want to be a Video game designer? How cool would it be to create your own game using your own ideas and imagination? Come join us to create your own characters and learn how to program them to create your own videogames. Skills Learned: block based computer coding, loops, variables, sequencing, timing, etc.   Instructor: Nidhi Jain, Technology Instructor


Everyday Chemistry – Grades 2nd – 3rd (Morning Session)
Have you ever wondered what makes soda fizzy, Jell-O jiggle, or how bubbles are made? In Everyday Chemistry workshop you will conduct real investigations to solve the mysteries of chemical reactions of everyday edibles and chemicals!   Instructor: Susan Menendez, Gifted Program Teacher

Making, Tinkering, Robotics, Coding, Programming –Oh My! – Grades 2nd & 3rd (Morning Session)
Join us for lots of fun exploring beginning programming, robots, coding, video game design, designing, building, and more! This hands-on interactive class will require you to utilize your critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills. You will be introduced to the world of STEM and STEAM using beginning Engineering (building and design), Math, Science, Art and Technology Skills.   Instructor: Mona Brawley, Gifted Program Teacher


Murder in Bikini Bottom – Grades 6th, 7th, & 8th (Afternoon Session)
Mr. Krabs has been murdered at the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob is the suspect in custody! Be a part of the prosecution team to prove that Spongebob is guilty of murder or create a strong defense supporting SpongeBob’s innocence. In this “Law and Order” class, learn how to create a sound argument and present your findings to a jury to either support SpongeBob’s innocence or support his guilt in the murder.   Instructor: Ashley Pitts, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher


My Many Talents – Multiple Intelligences to the Max! – Grades 4th – 8th (Afternoon Session)
Now is the time to maximize the REALYOU! In this class, you will get to know the awesome way you learn through the Multiple Intelligences protocol. You will show your special talents through a “Student Showcase”. Possible showcases are: photography, dance performance, spoken word – rap - poetry, creating simple machines, original music composition, etc. You will amaze your parents and your newfound friends in all the ways that make you UNIQUELY YOU!   Instructor: Kimberly Adams, Gifted 8th Grade Teacher


Shark Tank – Grades 6th, 7th, & 8th (Morning Session)
Have you ever watched “Shark Tank?” It’s a reality show where entrepreneurs pitch their business, product, or services in front of a panel of inventors in order to seek funding. In this fun filled class, you will create, design, and produce a product, business, or service that you would like to feature on the show. You will create a sales presentation and pitch the product to your classmates. Mash together your creative genius with a mixture of inventiveness in this class.   Instructor: Ashley Pitts, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher


Storytelling – Grades 2nd & 3rd (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
The art of storytelling is one of the oldest and best ways to connect with others and the world around us. Through storytelling, you can strengthen your oral speaking skills and self-confidence. In this class, you will hear a variety of folklore and learn techniques for telling your own stories. You will explore the elements of story and character development, which consequently enhance writing and reading comprehension. As a culmination, you will participate in a mini-storytelling festival! Come spin a tale with us!   Instructor: Mitzi Ethridge, Gifted Program Teacher


The Art and Science of Wonder – Grades 4th – 5th (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
Why is the sky blue? How many people get stung by a bee each day? What can you mine in Minecraft? Have you ever wondered…about anything? The Art and Science of Wonder class can help you learn how to find answers, develop new curiosities, and gain knowledge about the world around you. Using your own wonders, you will get to explore the endless possibilities of the world in which we live. Whether your passion is art, science, technology, or something else, this class will help guide you through the process of inquiry and research to engage and inspire you.   Instructor: Kara Gazaway, Gifted Math Specialist


3D Modeling & Animation – Grades 6th, 7th, & 8th (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
In this class, you will use Blender, a 3D modeling tool used for developing animation movies, visual effects, renders, 3D models & animations for games. You will learn how to create simple 3D models & characters similar to those seen in animated movies & cartoons, while learning basic geometric concepts and exploring the commands used in dealing with depth rotation movement & angle of view.   Instructor: Keicha Barnum, Digital Designer


Willie Wonka’s Gobstoppers – Grades 2nd & 3rd (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)
Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been given the task of designing a new candy for his company. After reviewing the movie, you will be charged with going through the STEM design process to structure and create an everlasting gobstopper that all the stores will want to buy. This engineering process will incorporate literature, real-world problem solving, collaboration, exploration, and down-right exciting musical fun. Join us!   Instructor: Nicole Trimble – Gifted Program Teacher


Zoology 101 – Grades 4th & 5th (Morning Session)
This course will provide an intriguing biological overview study of the physiology, anatomy, behavior, origin, ecology, diet and distribution of the following distinctly classified live exotic and domestic animals: Bearded dragon, Russian tortoise, Cockatiel baby parrot, Guinea Pigs, and Holland Lop rabbit. You will observe how animals communicate, learn about their habitat including geographic location, and study their behavior. In addition, you will conduct a mini research project and present your findings on the last day.   Instructor: Alexia Codispoti, Science Teacher