Partee Elementary School

Gwinnett Alliance for Gifted Education’s Saturday Exploration Program (SEP) provides a wide variety of challenging and enriching classes on Saturday mornings using 21st century learning strategies for gifted and high achieving students. 

Each course combines creativity, leadership, inquiry, critical thinking, and technology. Each lesson is designed to encourage students to discover, explore, and grow.


Gifted and Advanced Content Highly Motivated Students




March     2nd, 9th,  16th, 23rd

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Henry Partee Elementary School

4350 Campbell Road

Snellville, GA 30039

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To register, go to Partee's website to fill out the google form.

Pay the registration fee using PayPal.  

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Non-GAGE Members: 175 $75  CLICK HERE to Register

Discounted prices, thanks to the generous grant we have received!

Registration Deadline is February 27, 2019


If you have any questions, contact

Mona Brawley, Shiloh Cluster SEP Director


Phone:  770-896-4915




Classes (select one) Students take one class for 4 Saturdays!

Primary Grades: 1st  2nd & 3rd

 CSI Detectives-  Grades 1st,2nd &3rd

Description: Do you love to solve mysteries? Do you like to use clues to figure out what happened? If you are brimming with curiosity and long to explore the mysteries of science like a detective who cracks open the case. We will track down footprints and fingerprints, mysterious notes left in invisible ink and more.  Then this course is for you! Join us as we hunt down clues to solve fun whodunits!

Instructor: Denise Wheeler, Gifted Cluster Teacher, Partee Elementary


Everyday STEAM (Science and Engineering)- Grades 1st,2nd&3rd

Description: Students will hone their science inquiry skills through observing, investigating, experimenting, and engineering. They will build and create free standing structures from everyday materials, explore chemical reactions, magnetism, and more.

Instructor: Claudette Scott, Gifted Cluster Teacher, Partee Elementary

Upper Elementary: 4th & 5th

Hands-on Science – Grades 4th & 5th

Description:  Hands-On Science gives students the opportunity to do kitchen science experiments to reinforce science concepts taught in the classroom.  We will be creating, mixing, and building many activities related to the 4th and 5th grade curriculum.  Some experiments will be in chemical & physical changes, understanding inherited vs. learned traits, roller coaster science and anything that is causes us to problem solve!  Put on your thinking caps and get ready to get creative, dirty and possibly cause some chemical reactions with all of these Science-y activities  

Instructor:  Lisa M. Mills, LSTC, Partee Elementary


The Science of Cooking- Grades 4th &5th

Description:  Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry? Or how microwaves actually work? In this class we will solve the mysteries of cooking. This is a science class – but with food! Participants will create food concoctions each lesson and apply the science of chemical and physical changes to their creations.

Instructor: DeAnna Espinoza, Media Specialist, Partee Elementary