Awards Program

GAGE honors students for their accomplishments and our Gifted Teacher of the Year for her dedication to the education of gifted and high achieving children.

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Each school in GCPS selected a student who made the most of their experience in the gifted program, a positive impact on the learning experiences of others, and served the school in significant ways.  Each school determined the criteria and process by which the student was selected.


GAGE Student of the Year Award – one per school

Scholarship Essays – Elementary, Middle, and High

Ruth Cowan Scholarship – for graduating seniors

Annette Eger Scholarship – for graduating seniors (twice exceptional)


GAGE Teacher of the Year - one at each school level – (Elementary, Middle, High)

GAGE Parent of the Year – any parent who is a member of GAGE

GAGE Administrator of the Year – support gifted learners

Hughes Awards – any individual, club, business, corporation, or civic group who made an outstanding contribution to GCPS gifted program.